About Me

Journalist | Teacher | Marketer | Author | Fitness Pro | Editor

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a highly experienced journalist, teacher, digital marketer, author and passionate smart writer, qualified to BA level with several years and over 200 articles that deeply engrave my name in the print and online world. Published across leading health and fitness, psychology, lifestyle, business, entertainment and gaming sectors. I won a marketing award for Outstanding Performance, and as editor transformed a publication completely.

I have a proven background with established publications and websites. I currently teach students English for iTutorGroup, and am writing a health and fitness book as co-author alongside a YouTuber with 2 million subscribers. I have provided content for the Government, Ladbrokes Close Up, Runner’s World, Triathlete’s World, Sportsister (acquired by Athletics Weekly), Latest 7, Primary Times, Take NoteMuscular Strength – SHF, the MS Society, Joosr Books, and Collings News Agency.

I am well-read, versatile, and as a writer can turn my hand to most topics (Services and Rates). I am interested in one-off and regular projects and my primary duty is your work; a fresh eye and objective perspective to magnify its impact. I offer discounts to students, returning clients, referrals and fixed fees for larger tasks.

I welcome discussion on your desired outcome.

Reflective and philosophical quotes
“Those who copywrite and edit have ability to open the doorway
to stories past, present and future”

“Science is constantly evolving. One must be open and adaptive to these changes”

“You only fail if you never try. Success is an accumulative process of falling, picking yourself up, learning what happened, and rebuilding yourself stronger, over and over”

“If you don’t have time to exercise, you can bring the gym to you. Be resourceful and observe your environment, so you are awakened to a plethora of exercise possibilities”

“Journalism – Where world news fits on a few pages,
House style i
s anything but décor, Cover stories never hidden,
Tight deadlines barely fatal,
And tweets seldom chirp”