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Teaching English

English Language Teaching (1-1):
TEFL Accredited and Native Speaker
 £20 per hour

– Private English tutoring on grammar and phrases, and its use in complex debates, business and on specific topics including travel, fitness, history, or philosophy.

All ages and abilities welcome. Inspiring growth, success, and shaping the future. And sparking confidence in your potential to learn English structure, tonality, and flow.

TutorABC, VIPABC, TutorMing, TutorJr and VIPJr –
Experience with iTutorGroup, the world’s largest English language education platform, where I earn top ratings, compliments, and student reservations. TEFL accredited.

Writing and Editing

Copywriting: Advertorial / Article / Website or General Content £250 per thousand words

– Articulate and genuine business Advertorial increasing online and offline presence to start-up and SME companies. Influential marketing and advertising.

452830868_0f1406ba87– Compelling Feature with silver bullet captions and headlines. Expertise in self-improvement, health and fitness, biological science, psychology, history and evolution, careers and business, men’s fashion, world media, and travel and culture.

– I offer personal knowledge and renowned contacts. Other content includes Website Pages, Game Storyboards, Film Scripts, Letters, Presentations and General Copy

Sub-editing: As Above (In Copywriting) Plus Dissertation / Essay / Book / Social Media £80 per thousand words

– Revising narrative flow, suggesting changes, and asking questions to polish and improve the structure and effectiveness of your work, thus sharpening its delivery.

Proofreading: As Above (In Copywriting) Plus Dissertation / Essay / Book / Social Media £40 per thousand words

– Correcting basic errors and a last-minute scan for mistakes; ideal if a deadline looms.

Careers and University

Résumé / CV
Cover Letter
Interview Pack
Thesis / Dissertation Edit
£55 £125

– Crafting a superior CV, Cover Letter or Interview Pack, by applying recruitment tactics and employer expectation. Alternatively, designing career change CV’s using transferable skills, and a hint of persuasion.

 – Enhancing your critical Thesis or Dissertation, via the altering and combining of texts, concise editing and asking the right questions to make logical points flow.

Advice is always personalised for you. I see this as an art form and value delivery.

Social Media Marketing

Business Development:
Rebranding, Renaming and Reshaping 
See below

1368016366b4a3e-600x400Creative marketing so your company stands out with a powerful Headline, Tagline, and Slogan. Sharp and catchy Product descriptions (£35). Expert building and enhancing of your Website or Social Media page (£125). 

 Sourcing Creative Commons and Royalty Free high resolution images, since a quality picture speaks volumes (£35).

Innovative ideas and a tailored service, with a penchant for brand storytelling having marketed a book summaries app, for the Government, two cosmetic and clothing SME’s, and years of observation as a renaissance journalist.

People Skills and Fitness

Personal Coaching To Improve Your Confidence and Social Skills  £15 per hour

– One-to-one Training on how to have stimulating conversations, make people feel good, and earn their respect. Once you broaden your horizons, you’ll acquire the tools to widen your social circle, find a partner, or create networking opportunities.

Sessions involve gradual build up of comfort zone challenges, guidance to develop your method, effective conversation topics and openers, and subtle touch to gain people’s trust when approaching them. You’re in control of pace.

Likability consists of actively listening, social awareness, saying what you feel with spirit, and being respectful with people during interaction. Social freedom is liberating.

Health and Fitness Mentoring:
Calisthenics and Plyometrics
 £15 per hour

– Individual Bodyweight and cardiovascular classes that utilise the environment and being resourceful with objects around you, indoors and outdoors. Thus enabling the saving of time and ability to manage workouts around your work and social schedule.

Having a healthy lifestyle is a boost to self-esteem, happiness, and satisfaction. Emulate the person you dream to become and experience the life you wish to lead.

Send a message if you require a personalised service or have any questions to ask.