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Cover Letter
Interview Pack
Thesis / Dissertation Edit
£55 £125

– Crafting a superior CV, Cover Letter or Interview Pack, bringing them to a high level; applying recruitment tactics and employer expectation. I can design career change CV’s, using your transferable skills, strengths and a hint of persuasion.

 – Guidance on writing a precise and critical Thesis or Dissertation. Redaction means altering and combining multiple texts into a single document, and synthesis involves concise editing and asking the right questions to make fluid and logical points.

Discounts for repeat clients. Companies often recycle tips, whereas I take care to ensure it’s personalised for you, since I see this as an art form and value delivery.

Copywriting: Advertorial / Article / Website or General Content £250 per thousand words

– Articulate and genuine Advertorial on a range of fields, increasing online and offline presence to start-up and SME businesses. Influential marketing and advertising.

452830868_0f1406ba87– Compelling Feature with silver bullet captions, headlines and quotes. Expertise in careers and business, psychology, biological science, men’s fashion, health & fitness, martial artshistory and evolution, entertainmentworld music & cinema, travel & culture, and journalism.

– Captivating Movie Script with fresh ideas on story, location and character development. I understand global cinematography and the elements that create a masterpiece using creative fiction or facts. I apply gamification, visualisation, camera angles, framing, and hand-draw to scale, detail, form and texture.

I offer personal knowledge and renowned contacts. Other content I copywrite includes Website Content, Game Storyboards, Letters, Presentations and General Copy

Sub-editing: As above (in Copywriting) plus Dissertation / Essay / Book / Social Media £80 per thousand words

I will correct basic errors, revise narrative flow, and suggest changes or ask questions, so you can improve the clarity of your work. Polishing and improving the overall structure and effectiveness to sharpen its delivery.

Proofreading: As above (in Copywriting) plus Dissertation / Essay / Book / Social Media £40 per thousand words

If your writing is polished and needs a final check for errors, you require a proofreader. This is a last-minute check for mistakes and ideal if you have a deadline looming.

Business Development:
Rebranding, Renaming & Reshaping 
See below

1368016366b4a3e-600x400Creative marketing wisdom to fluidly name your company, with a powerful HeadlineTagline, or Slogan. Sharp, catchy and inspiring Brand or Product line descriptions (£35). I can also expertly build and enhance your Website or Social Media page (£125). 

 Sourcing Creative Commons & Royalty Free high resolution images to save issues for websites, articles and projects (£35).

Innovative ideas and tailored service, with a deep understanding of brand storytelling having marketed for a book summary app, the Government, and two cosmetic and clothing SME’s, and years of observation as a renaissance journalist.

– Send a query message if you require my personalised service and expertise, or have enquiries so I can make a suggestion on the completion of potential projects.

Please send documents in MS Word. Design, format, word count and writing style can be altered as per request and budget. Areas covered: Worldwide via remote working.