Why Choose Me

Firstly, how do I stand out in this crowded reality?

I am reluctant to try and sell myself; however, I will state my areas of expertise are diverse, experience is limitless, passion as bright as an ember, and the various ways I can add benefit and share knowledge with your business or publication are unquotable. I believe in self-improvement and striving to be your best. My eye is attentive, sharp and your work is highly important to me. Of equal importance is the relationship between writer and client and I handle this respectfully.

why choose meCombining a valuable and tailored approach with renowned contacts such as Olympic athletes, coaches, medical professionals, leads in film and theatre, media and the press, recruitment and careers, and experts in specialist areas. I offer fresh and compelling articles, elaborate and genuine business advertorials to boost online and offline presence, professional CV’s, cover letters and interview packs for interview success, and written or edited content for magazines, newspapers, websites and companies.

I mix with YouTuber circles and I met Scott Herman a few years ago, while writing investigative articles for his fitness website and helping people reach their exercise and nutrition goals in his forums. I feature in the press for competing in unique events like Race The Train – seats were full – meeting the Queen and heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno, and being quoted in articles on a range of topics and a book on influence in networking. As a side note, the singer Alex Clare is a deer old friend.

Why am I offering a specialised service?

This profession chisels observant traits. It’s simple; I take pride in witnessing my creations and the fact my expertise and creativity is helpful to you. I enjoy creating, am drawn to writing like a magnet, and wish for you to feel confident you are in control throughout the process. I am committed to providing work of an excellent calibre, possess fresh ideas, and confidence researching and writing engaging copy, maintaining solid rapport, and fluidly adapt to new house styles.

A seasoned reporter and sharp composer of words.
My experience with marketing includes:

Writing articles for SEO by using Google AdWords and Analytics
Finding big partnerships, Domain Authorities, and interviews
Social media, link building, and Yoast SEO to increase rank
Quoted in HARO publications; confidence discussing leaflets
Grew traffic by 200% and won Outstanding Performance award

My experience with health & fitness includes:

Writing books with a fitness YouTuber who has 1 million subs
Helping people reach their exercise & nutrition goals in forums
A self-improvement series on hypotrophy, lypolysis and ketosis
Hundreds of articles on the science of running and other sports
Knowledge of physiology, anatomy, diet tracking and more

I am a well-read educated enthusiast in these fields: –

3016832919_3b57aa30e1–        Careers and business
–        Psychology
–        Biological Science
–        Men’s fashion
–        Health & fitness
–        Martial Arts
–        History & Evolution
–        Entertainment & Shows
–        World music & cinema
–        Travel, culture & language

I write natural, enticing copy and words are my arrows, piercing the metaphoric paper with each stroke of the keys. I can regularly be found engaging with editors, clients, and professionals in specialist areas. I treat each task as individual and strive to ensure I bring your work to the highest possible quality – My time and experience is your investment and cost equals value. If interested, please get in touch.